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a single prayer for Simona

Simona Blessed soon


Thanks for having entered this site. We have dedicated it to Simona.
We thank the Community Primavera for having made available to us several articles and photos. We did not know what to do, and so we thought of setting up a working group in order to let people such as you who are reading to get to know more about her.


The ordinary becomes extraordinary in the life of Simona Tronci

Simona had understood that, by surrendering to God, she turned herself into safe hands… She had understood that following Jesus did not mean losing freedom but winning true freedom. She embodied Paul’s words ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep’ [Rm 12:15]. God’s own work was indeed made manifest and concretely present in her in a comforting hug, in her supportive mercy, gentleness and enthusiasm...

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Diocesan process of Simona concluded

The diocesan process concluded its first step: on the 16th of July 2016, the diocese of Cagliari closed the cause for the beatification of Simona Tronci as Servant of God, which commenced in 2003.

A huge number of people attended this closing ceremony hosted by the Cagliari Cathedral, presided over by the Archbishop Arrigo Miglio as well as the members of the Court, the members of the Servant of God Simona Tronci’s Postulation and the Comunità Primavera R.C.C. as the claimant of the cause...

An authoritative thought about the book “Deeply in love with Jesus”

My dear beloved friends of the Primavera Community R.C.C.,
It is with great pleasure that I write these few thoughts about our dear Simonetta, that soft, fragrant flower whom Our Father in Heaven wanted to give to the Church in Sardinia and to the universal Church at a time when there is such a deep crisis, particularly of moral and spiritual values.
Simonetta Tronci lived her life very much in the same way as other youths of the same age. She grew up and formed her character in the surroundings of her house, with her studies and with her hopes for the future, with plans for her work career and with plans to build a family with her beloved fiancé...

Presenting Simonetta Tronci Servant of God

The President of the Primavera Community of Cagliari Giuliano Monaco, presents the life of the Servant of God Simonetta Tronci during the XIV Internazional Conference of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships, that took place in Assisi on 29 October 2010...

The 26th Anniversary of Simona's ascent to Heaven

On 17th and on 18th April 2010 was celebrated the 26th anniversary of the ascent to heaven of the Servant of God Simona. On Saturday at the "Saint Pius X" Parish of Cagliari and the Sunday, in the Parish of "Our Lady of the Faith" in Cagliari...

The 25th anniversary of Simona Tronci's ascension to heaven

The 25th anniversary of Simona Tronci's ascension to heaven was commemorated on the 25th April 2009. The celebration took place in the St Sebastian Parish in Cagliari, a church which was very dear to Simona, the place where she had spent her childhood years...

Towards a charismatic beatification

Simona Tronci shaped her spirituality in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, lived a short life but with a strong and bright faith. In 1984, at the age of 23, Simona died in a concept of holiness...

A beautiful soul: Simona described by her friends

Talking about Simona is hard work, although going through the memories of her friendship and her Christian testimony you are immediately pervaded with nostalgia and tenderness and once again you gratefully experience the great privilege of having walked with her part of the way...

The Diocesan Inquest for the purpose of the Beatification of Simona has now been opened

We have been overjoyed and we have thanked the Lord for this happening which has been so much expected... the opening of the Diocesan Inquest for the Case of Beatification which we hope will soon become important for all the Church...

The presentation of Simona to the brethren of the "Catholic Fraternity"

The testimony of the leader of the Comunità Primavera Giuliano Monaco at the Second European Conference of the Catholic Fraternity...

Simona introduced to the I.C.C.R.S. community

The testimony of the Vice-Postulator Fr Giuseppe Pireddu at the International Conference of the ICCRS for the leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal...

Leader of a
Catholic Prayer Group

The Archbishop Mons. Ottorino Pietro Alberti: "She will be an example for all young people." She died at age of 24 for cancer: she might become a saint. Started yesterday, the cause for the Simona Tronci's beatification...

In Love
with Jesus

To read the story of someone that personally I do not know but who today would more or less of my age, is a throwback, a plunge in the memory of eighteen, the more if you find yourself immersed into the story, for ways of thinking and understanding life...


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